Yandex Browser

License: Freeware
Author: Yandex

Easy to use browser bundled with effective features

Simple design and easy to use interface makes the Yandex Browser popular among all. Interactive features and easy to control interface is the plus point of Yandex browser that makes you to choose for this browser. Robust yet simple design helps you to load the WebPages even in low internet connection.

You are provided with every sort of benefits to carry out your task in quick way without intervention. Yandex browser provides Quick links, built in documents viewer, added security features that makes it simple and easy-to-use internet browser.

Yandex Features at its best:

  • Changeable  background to make browser looks evergreen accordance with your preferences
  • Provided with smart box to search for contents and websites
  • Quick links to navigate popular sites usually to bank, airline or stores saving your time
  • Supports for text file, presentation as well eBooks
  • Scans websites for viruses an fraud issues

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