Windows Media Player

License: Freeware
Author: Microsoft Corporation

The most popular media player for Windows

Windows Media Player (WMP) lets you to run media files on your pc or any other portable gadget. It additionally helps you to easily find music online, arrange all your playlists and collections, and even burn your files on DVD or CD. While remaining integrated into Windows OS, Windows Media Player has was able to achieve very large user base, but today it is mostly used by beginners who’re either searching for easiest method playing videos and mp3 media on their own local memory or to stream employing internet streaming content.

It is very important to note that WMP is by default well equipped just to recreate codecs which are area of the fundamental Windows installation. It means limited access to the most preferred present codecs. All users who want to obtain these codecs will have to install them individually, typically with pre-prepared codec packages that provide complete variety of modern-day audio/video codecs and tools. After these installations, WMP can become totally permitted home entertainment player that can produce whatever you need. In Windows XP, Windows Media Player provides modern techniques to store and enjoy all your video, pictures, music, and recorded TV. Sync it, play it, or view it, and to transportable equipment for experiencing on the move or possibly share with devices around your home, all from single location.


Key features of Windows Media Player include:


Simplicity in Layout –

Deliver a completely new look to your multimedia enjoyment.


A lot of mp3 you cherish –

Add a new look to your virtual music adventure.


Your entire fun in one spot –

Get entertained and Store each of your songs, videos, photos, as well as saved TV.


Have Fun Anywhere –

Remain in touch with your video, pictures, and music no matter wherever you are.

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