UC Browser for Windows

License: Freeware
Author: UCWeb Inc.

Enjoy fast Download and Smooth Browsing experience with UC Browser

UC Browser is an internet browser designed with simplicity in mind. UC browser is one of the popular web browser that make you feels like Google Chrome Browser though built-in flash player and PDF viewer is not provided in this browser. To improve your browsing experience it allows you to choose between chromium and internet explorer according to your preferences.


Features of UC Browser:


Fast and Compatible: This browser provides fast download with resume option if interruption occur. UC Browser is more compatible as switching facility to chromium or internet explorer is provided as well provides customizable search function to use several search engine including Google, Bing and others.

Easy to use:  Provides customizable features to change theme, add-ons and speed dials. This browser is even user-friendly with its fun browsing experiences along with its unique features.

Easy Bookmarks:  Allows you to add several bookmarks for fast and easy browsing as well you can import them from Internet Explorer or from a HTML file.

Additional functions: UC browser too provides the additional features of setting hot keys and gestures for speeding-up function for fast browsing

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