License: Freeware
Author: Nimbuzz Team

Free calls and messaging. Make you connected on PC, phone or tablet.

Nimbuzz is a freely available messenger which brings power of internet and mobile communication together. Nimbuzz makes the combination of such power to make free calls, message, share files and connect the lives beyond the boundary. Nimbuzz is a free client available for calling and messaging for your PC, mobile phone or your tablet.

Nimbuzz provides the entire facilities one willing for. You can make the connection with your close friend on one to one basis through instant messaging; can join the chat room for multi-person conversation. You can also make the conversation with your friend of other social media such as Facebook, window live, Google, yahoo as well of SIP/VoIP providers. Beside one can enjoy the lowest national and international call rate on landline and mobile phones by purchasing the Nimbuzz credit.


Features of Nimbuzz :

Free calling and messaging between Nimbuzz users and lowest calling rate on landline and mobiles phones.

Continuous connection anywhere and everywhere on your mobile phone, desktop computer and on tablet.

Customizable features from N-World to customize your profile with available animals, cartoon, and love avatar.

Fun by challenging friends to games, and even download new content to make Nimbuzz more fun.

Connection to other social media such as Facebook©, Yahoo!™, Windows Live Messenger® (MSN), Google Talk and SIP/VoIP accounts.

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