Macrium Reflect

License: Freeware
Author: Paramount Software UK Ltd

Create an exact image of partitions on your hard disk in order to easily recover from system failures.

Macrium Reflect Free edition is free version of the Macrium Reflect Backup software to back up your entire documents, files, or anything of your computer and to schedule the Backup. Macrium Reflect is the powerful software intended to create backup of your disk partition to protect you against data loss. You may be in trouble if the daily task stored in your hard drive get failure due to hardware problem. Macrium Reflect is only the remedial tools to recover the essential files.

Macrium Reflect provides you an easy way to restore your disk in case of hardware failure to the previous state. This program helps in creating the backup of data from hard drive to image file to restore everything to the last bit.

Macrium Reflect provides easy user interface that makes it easy to understand and perform the backup task even to new users who are using the entire Backup software for the first time.

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