License: Open Source
Author: Dominik Reichl

One password .Many accounts. Remember master key. Forget rest all

Keepass is an easy to use secure password manager for different OS format of window, Linux, Mac OS X and mobile devices to manage your password of different account in a secure way. Keepass provides you an easy way to access different account without having the need to remember your entire password. With Keepass you can maintain the database of your entire password that is locked with one master key which only you have to remember to get access to different account.

You by now maintaining the database have to remember only one that master key to unlock the whole database. This database is more secure as they are encrypted with secure encryption algorithm of AES and Twofish.


Key features of Keepass:

  • Secure database creator
  • Multi language support
  • Portable and can used in multiple computer
  • Highly secure Random password generator
  • Plugin support
  • Easy user interface Open source program Password database handler

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