Hotspot Shield

License: Freeware
Author: AnchorFree, Inc.

Maintain privacy. Keep secured from spammers, snoopers and hackers

Hotspot shield is VPN application trusted by over millions of users that allow you to view the website that is restricted or that cannot be accessed from your geographical area, to protect your internet connection from snoopers that may spy on your traffic, to detect and block the website that are treated as malicious. VPN technology allows in sending secure data through non encrypted networks that ensure a safe extension of a local network over uncontrolled network.

Hotspot shield is designed and focused for those who access the internet from public Wi-Fi hotspot and there want secure connection indeed.


What hotspot shield provide? Features of Hotspot Shield:

  • Get access to blocked websites such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter at your work and university
  • Get unrestricted access to mobile VoIP services and messaging apps such as Skype and Viber around the world
  • Get protected your IP address so that the hackers and spammers can’t monitor your online activities
  • Get accessed to web anonymously without being spied and tracked on
  • Get secured your online transaction of shopping and online banking activities
  • Get protected from malware attack for smooth operation
  • Get switched to virtual locations with ease

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