Hola !

License: Freeware
Author: Hola Ltd.

Make your Internet faster, more open and more anonymous with Hola!

Hola allows you to browse blocked sites and speed up Web surfing. Hola Free application helps you to overcome the censorship of certain sites that are blocked in your country, and access to all blocked sites that were restricted in your city or University, such as YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The program also helps you speed up your Internet connection and surfing to different Web sites, the Hola is Designed for removing all restrictions imposed by Internet service providers to block websites users, and that the program has a simple interface and easy to use, after the installation program icon is inserted on the task-bar to begin its duties.

Hola! also organize and speed up Internet browsing without affecting the performance of your computer, the application is very light and does not consume processor resources, memory. Hola! program Displays a list of pages and Web sites that are restricted to browse them in your country through Internet service providers, the program allows you to select the sites to be blocked by quickly decoding and browsed through your default Internet browser.

Hola application helps to stimulate an acceleration to speed up your Internet browser to browse Web sites, and the program will display some statistics about acceleration process, such as the number of bytes loaded in the second, data file cache, and allows you to enable/disable sound notifications, you can also modify the program settings as you like to make the program starts with the beginning of operation of the system, the program also allows you to manage Wi-Fi connections, in addition to accelerating Internet browsing speed when Go to the browser Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser, the Hola also Protect your privacy on the Internet by hiding your identity.

There are lot of countries and institutions that impose restrictions on its users and prevent them from browsing certain Web sites like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and social networking sites due to their domestic laws, so here comes the Hola program To open blocked sites and make available for all visitors to the Internet, you can now download Hola And use it on your computer to speed up Internet browsing and open blocked sites freely.

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