License: Open Source
Author: Greenshot Team

Take free shot of your PC screen fully or partially.

Greenshot is light-weighted free computer software available for you to capture shot of your PC screen and work for the captured shot with tools available.

What can you do with this software?Well you can capture the screen of your PC either full or to the selected region or an entire webpage of complete scrolling from internet explorer


Who will be benefited with Greenshot:

  • Project managers
  • Software developers
  • Technical writers
  • Testers and
  • Anyone else who want to create screenshots are directly benefited to accomplish their task

What features are provided by Greenshot:

  • Annotation, and obfuscation and highlighting the images parts
  • Support preference to save the file in different formats
  • Save and export the screenshot to printer, email even can share in Picasa, Instagram, flicker and others
  • Easy and free tool

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