License: Freeware
Author: The GIMP Team

Advanced photography creating and editing with Internet publishing in mind.

The GIMP is a free application that provides manipulation tools to manipulate image for advanced photography. GIMP as a manipulation tools provides varieties of tools to perform task of image manipulation including composition, construction and photo retouching. GIMP can be used for creating and editing photograph. GIMP offers tools similar to Photoshop and paints which make it perfect substitute to those weighted programs.

GIMP for graphical operations provides scale, pencil, eraser, paintbrush, text, as well bucket fill, magic wand, zoom, clone, smudge, blur and lasso tools. As well a lot of plugins are developed and available for GIMP users that make the program more impressive photos creator. Simply saying it is one among that competitive product who possesses the capabilities of expert-quality photo-retouching program, an image-format converter, an online batch-processing system, a mass production image renderer for advanced user and can be used as simple paint program for Novice users.


Features of Gimp:

  • Support image formats of BMP,JPEG, PNG, XPM, MPEG, PS, TIFF, TGA, PDF, PCX, GIF and many more
  • Plugin supported to easy addition of formats as well editing effects
  • Included painting tools of pencil, scale, paintbrush, eraser, bucket fill, magic wand, etc.
  • Included transformation tools to rotate, scale, shear and flip
  • Due to tile-based memory management Image size is limited only by available disk space
  • Support full alpha channel and layers.

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