Free Download Manager

License: Open Source
Author: FDM Team

Easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager

Free Download Manager (also widely known for its short name FDM) is a very efficient and convenient to use download accelerator that not only features easy-to-access services and impressive array of tools, but also has completely streamlined interface that can be used by users of all technical levels. Created to support all the most preferred file transport protocols (of course HTTP, FTP and BitTorrent), this app can be excellent addition to the PC of every user who wants to manage their download sessions and be reassured that if connection is dropped that downloaded sections of files will remain saved on your local storage. It also allows HTTP downloads to become much faster by isolating each file into 5 or more sections, enabling much faster download that can be 6x faster than with any other internet browser. Extraction of flash video streams, support for resuming broken downloads and integrated posting is not only available, but also actively promoted.

User interface of Free Download Manager is not that much unique from its rivals (most notably FlashGet), but that is not a bad stuff. Customers are provided with easy way of using all tools and task lists on the main dashboard, with ability to personalize their download process and the way the app is managing all its activities. Min dashboard has detached listings for every type of downloads it assists. These listings are accessible from 8 main tabs – , Flash video downloads, Downloads Torrents, Uploads, Scheduler, HTML Spider, Site Manager and Site Explorer.

With over 10 years on the market, interpretation into more than 20 international languages, integration into all the the majority of favored web browsers and cent percent free price, FDM represents an application that everybody should have inside their PC.


Functions of Free Download Manager are:


Boost ones download speed and resume incomplete downloads

FDM speeds up downloads by breaking data files into portions following downloading them as well. Consequently download speed goes up as much as 600%, or even much more! FDM can even resume incomplete downloads so that you need not start downloading from the starting point after casual disruption.


BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP support

FDM allows you download files and entire websites through any remote server via HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS. BitTorrent protocol can also be downloaded installing FDM.


Flash video download

Download videos from video sites. The video can then be saved in local .flv file format or modified to a single over common video platforms.


General Public License (GNU)

Free download manager is currently open source software produced under GNU GPL.


Experience easy file sharing

A integrated Upload Manager allows you upload your files with ease to share them with others. Upload Manager is easily integrated with your system (Outlook Express, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer).


Take Advantage Of much safer and enjoyable downloading

You can check out what the other group subscribers express about the file you are about to download and even write your own view towards the file you have downloaded. This way FDM owner are always cautioned towards dangerous or detrimental files

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