License: Open Source
Author: Fotor Team

Want pictures to look better. Edit, make collages, adjust exposure, apply effect with Fotor.

Fotor is an editing tool to work with your photo for editing by applying effect, creating photo collages, and much more without being a professional in photo editing. This easy tool enables you to optimize your digital photos of different format. What you can do with Fotor is beyond the count. With Fotor you can choose the picture to edit, make collages, adjust exposure, white balance, brightness, sharpness, contrast, applying kinds of effect to make picture professional and attractive.

Additionally you are provided with bunch of color and lightning effects of Classic, Lomo, Vignette, Art etc. as well with lots of border. You can make the use of Fotor to create great picture and can shared with loved and beloved ones.


Features of Fotor:

  • Image editing tools to process high quality images quickly
  • Image enhancement tools to configured your image to look more perfect
  • Image collage making tools to gather more of the images in one frame
  • Image effect and borders to adjust apply image with effect and provide outline border too
  • Converting features that convert a selected series of pictures in selected format
  • Supporting of different formats including IFF, JPEG, PNG and other RAW formats
  • Text support to say something about photo to remember the situation in different time frame

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