Folder Size for Windows

License: Freeware
Author: Foldersize

Additionally show size of folder with file size

Basically with Folder Size for Windows you there can see one added column to the window explorer detail view that provides the information of size of the folders instead of showing only the size of files with default feature of Window. Now with the Folder Size for Window you are able to see the details of sizes of both files as well of folders.

Folder Size scans the entire hard drive and provides complete record regarding the folders you have viewed, size the folder occupied in hard drive, distribution of your disk space and so on. With Folder size application it is easy to identify the largest folders and largest files, the files and folders that have filled your disk space, and also scans and find the sizes of all sub folders.


Features of Foldersize:

  • No more manual procedure needed after installation of Folder size to update folder size column.
  • Now, no need to switch for another program to see the sizes of folders
  • Won’t monopolize your hard disk while scanning background
  • Don’t need of scanning before starting as folder Size column gets displayed immediately

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