License: Freeware
Author: Trend Media

Speed up and manage the downloading task with popular FlashGet Download Manager

FlashGet is a popular download manager that provides faster download speed and the good management for downloaded files. FlashGet is a most popular download manager which provides supporting for web browser as well provide array of tools that perform your work quite promptly.

FlastGet provides the best solution for one having the problem of slow download speed or to those whose download got stucked in the middle of the process. FlashGet split the downloaded file into the sections so the downloading of each section simultaneously becomes faster.

FlashGet increases the downloading speed from 100% to 500% by splitting the available bandwidth.


What FlashGet download manager offers?

  • Enhancement on your download process
  • Minimal system resource consumption
  • Calls for anti-malware automatically for downloaded files
  • Management of downloading files
  • Supports Bittorrent, eMule , HTTP, FTP and other protocols
  • Optimization of system resources

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