License: Freeware
Author: FeedReader Team

Free and light-weighted RSS and Atom aggregator for Windows

FeedReader is a free lightweight aggregator available in the market that supports RSS and ATOM formats. Podcast support is also included in FeedReader. The main function of FeedReader is to read and organize RSS feeds and offer seamless user experience. By the use of FeedReader you can get access to unlimited amount of internet information that has been provided for free.

FeedReader possess auto-discovery features that automatically scan and gather the latest update and information available in any web pages and subscribe them automatically. It is compactible application that uses minimum system resources and can too run from pen drive or any portable drive. User become familiar quickly with its simple and clear interface as well as handling is also fast than other similar application available.

FeedReader helps you in adding as many RSS feed you want to add. Again, you can organize the added feed, can manage RSS and ATOM formats and support podcast.


FeedReader provides:

  • Outstanding performance
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Great user interface
  • Advanced filtering and smart feed engine
  • Unparalleled functionality
  • Full customization
  • Auto update discovery
  • Popular “River Of News” views

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