FastStone Photo Resizer

License: Freeware
Author: FastStone Soft

Multifunctional application to rename, resize, and convert image files

Faststone Photo resizer is a free downloadable application which helps you to rename, resize, and convert the image file into different format. In addition to just converting the photo, photo resizer enables you to rotate, crop or flip the pictures. You can change the size of canvas, color depth and DPI. You can make the adjustment in pictures brightness; can make changes in contrast, saturation, sharpness and gamma. Further add text and watermarks, apply border to the images you browse through computer drive with the use of Faststone Photo resizer.

With Faststone Photo Resizer you can convert the image files into different format of JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG and rename it in a quick and easy batch mode.


Features of Faststone Photo Resizer:

  • Convert image in different format
  • Rename and resize the image
  • Load and save setting
  • Support resize, flip, rotate or crop pictures, change the canvas size, color depth and DPI
  • Support border effects, text and watermarks
  • Sort files by name, size, type etc.
  • Specify the output directory
  • Preview images and much more

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