Excel Viewer

License: Freeware
Author: Microsoft Corporation

Perfect substitute to Microsoft excel to open, view and print MS Excel files

Excel viewer is an ideal tool for you to open, view and print MS Excel files if the Microsoft excel or say Microsoft office hasn’t been installed on your computer. Excel Viewer is the most flexible tools as it supports all the excel version created files and can browse the file you want to open. It is also considered to be best tools as it doesn’t require long installation process like Microsoft excel neither require large space as well don’t consume much of system resource.

As the name suggest you can view the document by opening the excel file and can print the excel document easily but it does not allow in editing the Excel documents.


Features of Excel viewer :

  • Help to open, view and print the Excel files
  • Highly flexible
  • No additional requirement for using this program
  • Can be downloaded in any device
  • Provide quick download
  • Don’t occupy much space
  • Minimal system resource consumption

Cons of Excel Viewer :

Doesn’t allow in editing of files

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