Event Log Explorer

License: Commercial Trial
Author: FSPro Labs

Powerful free tool to monitor and record the events

Event Log Explorer is free software but effective enough to get you in help of not only monitoring all the events and activities of your system but also in analyzing the data in order to maintain the security of the system. It is software which provides the solution for viewing, monitoring and analyzing the recorded events of security, application, system, and other logs of Microsoft windows.

Event Log Explorer too provides event search and filtering engine by which you can easily filter events in a categorical way. It helps you to browse quickly, detect and report to the problems, security warnings and all other events that are generated within Windows.


Event Log Explorer Features:

  • Get a description of all the events in the log window
  • Easy to use filter to select and view the necessary events
  • Add to favorites and view the log with information about the tree
  • Full compatibility with the Microsoft knowledgebase and EventID.com
  • Multiple-document or tabbed-document is available on the choice of the user
  • Use color coding for the code of the event
  • Use the export and printing

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