Emsisoft Online Armor [ Internet Security]

License: Commercial Trial
Author: Emsisoft

Ensure smooth PC operation from infections and threats

Emsisoft Online Armor is user friendly and powerful firewall to keep your PC from infection and threats. Emsisoft Online Armor is designed for the ensuring the smooth operation of your PC. Online Armor is user friendly security software for security purpose by offering the option to control the application that can be or cannot be connected to the web. Similarly this program offers the function to switch between a standard, advanced, and banking mode and helps in managing the program to be automatically started at time of window start up. By the offered function, Emsisoft Online Armor provides protection to your PC from malicious threats, unwanted access, protect from hackers trying to grab your data as well provide protection while doing online activities of shopping, operating online banking transaction and ensure your identity.

Beside you can choose between three modes offering the different function i.e. Standard mode, Advanced mode and Banking mode.

Standard mode is preferable for all of the users to maintain PC securities from kindly task. Advanced mode is recommended to experts and specialists providing advanced function as well to ensure online transaction. Banking mode is provided to perform various sorts of banking task offered by BFIs without losing the information.

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