License: Freeware
Author: Dropbox Team

Data backup, synchronization and sharing – all with Dropbox

Dropbox is a full feature tools to provide the easiest way for storing, synchronizing and sharing your files online. Dropbox works similar to the folders of your computer though with little bit difference. With Dropbox, Stored files and folders get synchronized to Dropbox server and the number of PC linked with your account. ALL of the data to store gets transferred over the SSL and are stored by encryption with AES-256.


Dropbox provides:

Data Backup:

Dropbox provides the online storage of 2 GB for free software user and available Upto 100 GB for paying customer. With Dropbox you can create automatic backup and can undelete files and folders that are accidentally deleted.

Data synchronization:

The files you stored in the Dropbox get synchronized with installed Dropbox of any computer you want to synchronize for. You too can synchronize your data from the web through your account.

Data sharing:

You can share your files and folders to whomever person you choose to share for. For to share, You don’t even need of Dropbox users. Share your music, videos and documents to your buddies, colleagues with confidence.

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