License: Freeware
Author: Microsoft Corporation

Optimize the performance to run and display multimedia rich application

DirectX is device driver that possess the ability in operating and controlling particular device attached with computer to run and display multimedia rich application. DirectX provides ideal platform in window to run and display contents with full color graphics, high quality videos, rich audios and 3D animation.

DirectX is a bundle of high performance Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to handle the content regarding video/audio multimedia as well as game programming in window platform. DirectX provides collection of technology combined to provide ideal platform for creating as well to play innovative software.


DirectX consist of module that controls their own individual sphere of gaming :

  • Direct3D for 3D graphics
  • DirectDraw for 2D graphics
  • DirectMusic for music
  • DirectPlay for connectivity between PC and User
  • DirectSound for sound processing


What new version of DirectX delivers?

  • Microsoft powerful new HLSL (High-level slandered Language)
  • Advanced suite of design tools
  • Include design tools to develop rich multimedia element
  • Enhanced audio capabilities, 3D animation, graphic, video and full spectrum color

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