Daum PotPlayer

License: Freeware
Author: Daum Communications

Awesome media player with various formats supported

Daum Potplayer is a free media player that supports a variety of video codecs and formats making it great option for both video and music playback. Potplayer contains the internal codes and additional manually added codecs becomes unnecessary due to Pot Player’s internal and external filters.

This third party media player has been created by the former KMPlayer developer. Daum Potplayer also supports Digital Webcams, Analogs, TV devices, DXVA, live broadcasts and more. It is considered to be the best media player because of its user friendly interface and flawless performance.


Features and benefit Daum PotPlayer provides:

  • It supports a lot of file types and formats
  • It has screen capture option
  • It can play damaged AVI files
  • It allows creating shortcut keys
  • It supports subtitle
  • It can remember and resume from where the user left off
  • It gives detailed payback information
  • It allows user to change the brightness, contrast, saturation or sharpness of video
  • It is attractively rendered with dark default theme and changeable skin
  • It is easy to select options like Visualizations, Subtitle Formats File Associations and Shortcuts

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