Core FTP

License: Freeware
Author: Core FTP

Full featured FTP client with Secure SFTP, SSL & HTTPS support

Core FTP is free and full featured FTP client with SSL/TLS support, drag and drop, browser integration, queuing, sessions, auto retry, queue manager, remote file searching and resume of transfers, transfer bandwidth control and much more. Core FTP provides reliable way to update and maintain website, secure methods to upload and download files and free registration.

Core FTP has simple interface, built-in manager to save favorite sites for quick access and provide custom connection specification.

Core FTP features:

  • User friendly interface
  • Supports Socks 4/5, SSH, SSL, SSH/SFTP , HTTP/FTP proxy support and more
  • Fast loading file listings
  • FULL drag and drop support
  • Queuing of FTP transfers on multiple sites
  • Autos retry and resume of transfers
  • Remote file searching
  • And much more

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