Comodo Firewall

License: Freeware
Author: Comodo Group, Inc.

Powerful and smartest firewall to secure system against threats

Comodo firewall is one of the most powerful personal firewall for securing your system against internal and external attack of virus, Trojans, malware as well from intruders and hackers over the internet. This software is applicable for both home and corporate users to prevent from threat rather than just detecting and saving after the incident gets happened. Comodo firewall makes the use of unique deny protection for that purpose.

How it works?

Comodo Firewall is able in maintaining the list of over 2 million files and application that are treated to be PC friendly. When the file is tried to access over the firewall, the file trying to access if get matched to the file list Comodo Firewall provides the way otherwise it denied and alert you with the message of unknown suspicious malicious files trying to access that may possibly harm your data. Firewall here therefore provides first layer protection against hackers, viruses, and worms, malware, Trojans and all other specified types of Internet threats.

Features of Comodo firewall:

  • Attractive and easy user interface for users to change the setting as per liking
  • Comes for automatic updates for latest protection against threats
  • Real-time protection enabling you to prevent against threats
  • DDP-based security used that keeps you informed and provides PC safety
  • Learns behavior of user to deliver personalized protection in quick
  • React instantly to threats and identify bandwidth bottlenecks with real-time monitoring

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