Comodo Dragon Browser

License: Freeware
Author: Comodo Group, Inc.

Open source and very fast, blazing, feature rich and customizable web browser

Comodo Dragon is a chromium based web browser which used the same technology that is used by Google chrome. Comodo Dragon is developed by Comodo group that supports the similar interface to Google Chrome and is freely downloadable browsing software.

The advantage provided by Comodo Dragon is very much similar with the advantages of Google chrome though Comodo Dragon doesn’t implement user tracking and other privacy compromising features. In place, Dragon provides the additional security measures of indicating the website SSl certificate authenticity and relative strength.


Similarity between chrome and Comodo Dragon:

They both are open source and are very fast, blazing, feature rich and customizable web browser. Moreover the both web browser use the common chromium platform. They both are based on chromium engine.


Dissimilarity between chrome and Comodo Dragon:

Dissimilarity between them is primarily due to enhanced security. Dragon has make the addition of privacy enhancement and security improvement features which makes dragon better than chrome


Comodo dragon:

  • Provides additional checks on SSl digital certificates of secure websites
  • Informs the user in case of insufficient strength of site certificate
  • Includes on demand site inspector designed to determine if site host malicious code
  • Has built-in updater instead of Google updater
  • Provides option to the user either to keep Dragon cache and cookie files or to delete them

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