Comodo Backup

License: Freeware
Author: Comodo Group, Inc

Automatic file backup and easy recovery utility for Windows

Comodo Backup provides comprehensive solution which covers both image and file based backup as well as online storage of critical data. Comodo backup is free straight forward backup software for storing all of the backup files to local or say network or say virtual drives through FTP server or called online storage. Comodo backup possess the ability to auto detect and group the entire documents, photos, music and video files as on a profile so that with one click you can back up them.

Comodo user interface has easy to use interface for novice users to learn and run it in a minute. Additionally versatile scheduling features helps you in determining the time that suite you to create backup and supports full incremental and differential Backup.


Features of Comodo Backup are listed under:


Vast Backup Area: Backup area is not limited. Create backup on external drive, network drive, CD and DVD, FTP, zip as well to online storage.

Scan the junk: Built in junk scanner helps in finding the duplicate, temp files, and other junks to get it eliminated before Backup.

Online Storage: Provide the online storage to create backup of your critical files up to 10 GB each user for 90 days in trial version.

Online Drive: The provided features of online drive helps in playing music and videos or to edit the documents without downloading directly from online storage.

Expertise Help: 24/7 expert help is provided to Comodo Backup users in need of anything.

Versioning capabilities: This feature is provided to keep the track of the changes made in your Backup.

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