Camtasia Studio

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Author: Tech Smith Corp.

Give powerful presentation, Record your screen, webcam videos, and multiple audio track.

Camtasia studio is the software that enables you to record, edit and share your own made videos on web, CD ROM and other portable media players. It allows you to easily record your screen, webcam videos, and multiple audio tracks. It may be your useful tool if you are willing for software to create screencast, presentation and training videos. With the support of this recording, editing and nixing software you are now able to share your ideas and knowledge more effectively and precisely.

Now you can record on-screen activity, edit and customize the recorded content, add the interactive elements by the side and share your content/video to anyone at high quality by making the use of camtasia studio. Beyond this with the support of camtasia studio you can import the existing video, add the images and text, can customize it to make your own new video for presentation purpose that makes you smart enough.


Features of camtasia studio:

Record the content: You can record anything such as webcam videos, PowerPoint presentation, screenshot using camtasia studio.

Edit the content: You can edit the content either webcam videos, PowerPoint presentation, screenshot or the video files from with callouts, titles, credits, zooming, panning, quizzes, audio tracks and images

Create own video: By recording and editing the content you can make your own video for demonstration, online courses, training as well to make presentation powerful.

Share it: You can share your own video by publishing in Flash, QuickTime and a variety of video formats on CD/DVD and web.

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