Baidu Browser

License: Freeware
Author: Baidu

Have Prompt, Blazing and smooth Browsing experience with Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser formerly known as Spark Browser is an alternative free downloadable web browser that you can use for surfing web. Baidu Browser provides blazing, prompt, smooth Browsing experience with lots of built in smooth tools and intuitive interface. With the Baidu web browser one shouldn’t have to compromise for privacy along the way.

Baidu Browser user interface seems very similar with Google chrome as being based on the chromium platform. This makes Baidu Browser very light weighted, prompt with blazing fast speed and customizable as well the connection is also quick though various securities measures that has been added.




Integrated Cleaner:

Baidu Browser provides this feature that cleans typed address, cookies, web page password, and temporary files of internet which helps you to maintain privacy.


Lost Recovery:

Baidu Browser has the features of lost recovery. It is the feature integrated in Baidu Browser that helps in restoring the pages which is being lost due to internet problem or due to the miss-closing of web browser. With this feature one can restore the previously miss-closed web pages.


Built in video player:

Best features Baidu Browser provides is that you needn’t to go for tabs to tabs searching to find what you were watching. For this you can simply click on “Pop-up” button of Baidu Browser’s so that any Web video will be open in its own window.


Browser doctor:

you will get the easy help with browser doctor features added in Baidu Browser if internet connection goes wrong. Built-in Browser Doctor helps for quickly diagnose of browsing problems then makes fixes of those problems. It really helps for you to maintain your time as you needn’t have to waste time searching for raised problems


Media Downloader:

Built-in Media Downloader features helps you by letting the tools for easy download of audio and Video to hard drive of your computer to watch it again and again.

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