License: Open Source
Author: Audacity Development Team

Mix your music tracks, add effects and edit songs in Windows

Audacity is completely free, open source sound recorder plus editor concerning windows, that can record audio through a microphone as mixer, or even digitise tracks at cassette tapes, vinyl records, to minidiscs. With some noise cards, it may also capture streaming sound. Their list of functions is so lengthy that plenty of certified people have implemented it and tried it for numerous audio projects. This app was introduced to the public in May of 2000 and for years after this introduction. Audacity has represented itself as one of the most popular of software which was downloaded from online open-source software depository SourceForge. Till 2014, conservative measures revealed that Audacity has-been downloaded for more than 100 million times by users residing at all parts of the world.

The components of Audacity for helping you include: recording live audio, adding of countless post-processing effects, cutting and trimming, multi-track mixing, managing all aspects of audio podcast production, audio spectrum analysis, conversion and many more. A very well-fashioned dashboard interface acts as fantastic introduction to new users in the world of audio production, editing and music. It contains the entire components and services of Audacity. . Gurus however will feel like at homes, at fine-prepared layout concerning elements and easy access inside each system attributes.

No matter what you want to do using sound recordings, Audacity offers apparatus to help a person – tracking live sound, cutting and/or trimming, handling most aspects concerning sound podcast production, incorporating concerning countless publish-processing impacts, normalization, fading, multi-monitor mixing, sound removal, audio spectrum review, conversion plus much more. All of these equipment and also services are packed within very well fashioned dashboard interface which will act as a fantastic introduction inside novices into the entire world out of music, modifying additionally sound manufacturing. Gurus, however, will feel like at homes, at fine-prepared layout concerning elements and easy access inside each system attributes.

More about Audacity is not necessary to mention, except that it is one of the best recording software solution and audio editing in the market which is cent % free of cost and is consistently improving and advancing as per customer need.


Audacity comes up with remarkable attributes, a few of which are:

  • Plays and records audio files
  • Large files can also be edited very fast
  • Transfers MPEG audio (including MP2 plus MP3 files)
  • A variety of plug-ins support
  • Aids different file formats including AIFF, AU, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV
  • Add various effects such as wahwah, phaser, echo, fix, and many more
  • Alter the pitch without changing your tempo, and vice-versa.
  • Record and edit 32-bit, 24-bit and 16 bit (floating point) samples
  • Modifies your audio files through copying, cutting, pasting, and mixing them
  • Could be used to convert old tapes into digital media form
  • And also many more..

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