License: Open Source
Author: CollabNet, Inc.

The leading open source UML modeling tool

Agro UML is open source modeling tool to help you in designing, creating and managing various projects of UML. Agro UML runs on a Java platform thus you are in need to create working environment to run Agro UML based application by installing java-based application platform.


Features of ArgoUML:

Clean and intuitive interface: Agro UML provides clean and intuitive interface to create various types of diagram including use case, class sequence, collaboration, activity, state and deployment.

Packed with parameters: Agro UML provide several parameters to design each diagram. You can draw objects of lines, square or circle and can be moved with drag and drop feature.

Customization option: It enables you in customizing the layout of diagram, can change color background, include the details about size, version, author, date and documentation.

Support several formats: Diagrams can be printed or it can be exported to PS, EPS, and PNG, GIF or SVG formats.

Additional support: Agro UML provides zoom in or out features of the workspace, allow in inserting and deleting objects, import and export data from and to XMI file format, set the preferred size, and too provides align or reorder the components.

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