License: Open Source
Author: Ares Team

Free P2P application to share files of any kind over the internet

Ares is a 100% free P2P application which allows you to share any kind of file from internet. Ares is a free open source bittorent, chat program and file sharing software to share any types of digital files including images, audio, video, software, documents and others over the internet.

With the use of Ares you can easily share your files through Ares peer to peer network for other users over the internet. As a member of the virtual community you can also search and download any file published by other users. Ares comes with chat room features where you can host and join it to meet new friends.

Written in: Delphi
Stable release: 2.4.6 (August 22, 2017)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows


Ares Features:

  • Ares is free software available for file sharing.
  • Source code is available to create own features.
  • Meeting new friend is possible by hosting and joining chat rooms.
  • Inbuilt player is available to preview file before downloading.
  • Library organizer helps you in creating and sorting files on the basis of type and category.
  • Ares provides multisource download to find and download files for many user at once.

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