License: Open Source
Author: ApexDC Team

Free P2P network to let users share the files.

ApexDC++ is a free software that uses P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology to connect users to the network and share files with the other users. You will need a specialized piece of software that allows the users connect to the network for viewing and downloading the shared files, and ApexDC++ is that specialized software for performing the same. ApexDC++ formerly known as PeerWeb DC++ is an innovative P2P program using the Direct Connect and ADC networks, based on Strong DC++ modification.

ApexDC++ is a free to download software that provides truly fast download and has unique features, user-friendly interface, unlimited customization and a dedicated support team. It offers very aggressive upgrade schedule, great relations with the community of its users, and constant focus on making ApexDC++ the best application are the reason that makes it different from other competitive product. ApexDC++ provides all the features and functions you expecting from a P2P file sharing tools.


ApexDC++ Features:

  • View a list of public hubs
  • Connect to any hub you want,
  • View the files shared by other users
  • Download files shared by other users
  • Set bandwidth limits
  • Send public or private messages
  • Manage a list of favorite users
  • Ignore users
  • Share the files you want with other users, and so on.

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