AOMEI Backupper

License: Freeware
Author: AOMEI Technology

Create easy backup and restore to avoid data loss and much more

AOMEI Backupper is easy to use backup software to protect your computer from data loss and system failure. AOMEI Backupper allows you in making data backup, recovering the hard disk, system partition and the files to ensure from loss. With the created backup by AOMEI Backupper you are able to restore the computer to the previous state. AOMEI Backupper provides the most efficient option to create backup without interrupting the current process i.e. can create backup even you are working.

AOMEI Backup supports the operating system of all version of window including 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP both 32 and 64 bit for creating backup. This software too supports for scheduler to set a time and date for you to automate the backup of the data.


AOMEI Backupper provides:

Creation of System backup: create back up of all the data of system drive including installed program and system files without the interruption of system run

Back up the Disk: create the Backup of your hard disk drives including external hard drive, USB disk, MBR disk, GPT disk, and other sort of available storage devices which is easily recognized by Windows

Partition Backup: This software helps in creating backup of part of the disk rather than making the backup of the entire disk.

File restore selectively: Without recovering the entire backup you can restore the selective files and folders from created backup

Recover of system: Easily and quickly restore system partition and ensure system bootable after completing the recovery process.

Recover of Disk and Partition: from the created backup recover the whole hard disk drive or just the part to adjust the disk in its original state.


In addition to backup and restore AOMEI Backupper provides:

  • Disk Clone
  • Partition and Volume Clone
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • Encryption and Compression
  • Image files checker and explorer
  • Comment Backups and Splitting Backups
  • Create Bootable Rescue Media

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