Angry IP Scanner

License: Open Source
Author: Angryziber Software

Cross-platform network scanner for fast and easy use

Angry IP Scanner is a simple, very fast and light-weighted scanner which is portable and do not need to be installed. You can carry this program in your USB to be used anywhere, whenever you are in a need to gather the information regarding current status of network. Advance IP scanner is an easy tool to scan IP address and Port status.

Angry IP scanner is a useful tool to Network Administrator for monitoring and managing their network. Angry IP Scanner possess various option such as the ability to resolve host names, check for open ports, and scan dead machine. If one is curious to find what is happening within network or what is the status of IP either alive or dead, Angry IP Scanner is best for them.

Features of Angry IP Scanner :

  • Configurable scanning columns
  • Multiple ports scanning
  • Various export formats (TXT, CSV, XML and more)
  • Expandable by plugin
  • Display NetBIOS information
  • Web server detection

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