AIDA64 Business Edition

License: Commercial Trial
Author: FinalWire Ltd.

Popular Benchmarking software for small and medium scale enterprise

AIDA64 Business Edition is the essential tool in finding the details of system, monitoring the hardware and software components and carrying benchmark to find the ranking of system and its components. As the name implies business edition of AIDA64 is popular among professional users for small and medium scale enterprise to conduct windows network management.

What AIDIA64 Business Edition provide?

  • Overclock information
  • System stability test
  • Monitor diagnostic
  • CPU, RAM and disk benchmarks
  • Sensor logging and alerting
  • Support for Logitech and Razer LC
  • Graphical remote control
  • Remote user
  • Monitoring Disk health and virus database
  • Automatic remote reporting
  • ACPI browser and DRAM timings.

Those are the features available with Business Edition. Additionally this program provides clean interface with well managed window. AIDA Business provides the detail report regarding the information for selected areas for close observation and investigation.

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