Advanced Installer

License: Freeware
Author: Caphyon Ltd

Provides everything for developers to develop installation package

Advanced installer is the reliable tools that contain a bundle of useful features necessary for creating window installation package. Advanced installer provides the clean and intuitive environment to build window installation packages.

This clean and intuitive layout helps users in performing the several actions in an easy way. Advanced installer contain all the necessary features and too provide neat display of all features necessary for creating software in the main window. Advanced installer tools and its features are of creating MSI files but not the file types like EXE and other sorts of packages. With advanced installer you can create new project by choosing the types between Visual Studio or .Net apps, 32/64 bit installer package and others. Similarly can add the details about the product including name, type, company and version as well support info regarding URLs contact and comment.

What moreover, Advanced Installer allows in adding serial key, registration and trial period. Upgrade features included also allows in detecting and upgrading of older product to new with more features. Additionally, it too allows in using of external tools to create digital signature, to import XML and INI files and apply the validation options.

Indeed Advanced installer is a must have tools for installation package creator.

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