Adobe Air

License: Freeware
Author: Adobe Systems Inc.

Ability to ensure performance and improve gaming experience.

Adobe Integrated Runtime, Commonly known to be , rich internet application (RIPs) and helps in allowing other web services offline without t, he use of web browser.

Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime developed by Adobe. Adobe Air is a developer’s tool to create platform-independent web application to be run by user’s desktop and handset gadgets. Adobe AIR is a cross platform technology that creates a runtime environment enabling developers to package the same code into native applications and games. The runtime supports installable application on window, Mac, iOS, Android devices and Blackberry Tablet OS which makes possible to reach numerous desktop systems and mobile app store that to be used by millions of devices.

AIR application can be developed with variety of tools, particularly Adobe Flash CS5, Actionscript/flex using adobe flash builder, HTML and JavaScript using Dream wear. Popular AIR application includes desktop clients for micro blogging services like twitter, or desktop RSS renders. We have popular companies as eBay and AOL who make the use of Adobe Air to create existing application to be used for rendering their services in our devices.


Features Adobe Air provides:


DESKTOP features: window management, file management, menu bar, multithreading, web browser

MOBILE features: Touch screen gesture, Graphics rendering, camera and microphone, accelerometer and networking with HTTP, TCP and UDP protocols.



Ensured Performance: Due to improved Diligence power, even at the most demanding time it continuously delivers the responsiveness feedback. The use of Adobe air gives surety in the performance with hardware accelerated performance in HD videos and high Graphic application.

Improved Gaming Experience: Using of Adobe AIR gives stunning and fastest gaming experience to you for your Desktop and Handset gadgets.

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