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Cheat Engine

4 stars

Liscence: Freeware
Author: Dark Byte

Modify your game to make it more interesting and competitive

Cheat engine is a game manipulator to modify the game that makes your game harder or easier as per your modification.  Think for a while, you install the game you find the game story really interesting, tools also good but the music you find boring or you stuck in the game in the same loop twice and thrice. What you would do now? Now you can make the modification with the help of Cheat engine to make the game more interesting and competitive.

Cheat engine allow you to make scan over the game with the use of an integrated scanner built inside in Cheat Engine. It monitors memory for changes and tracks the games critical value to make modification on the program.  Cheat engine is also a debugger for games or for any other application.


  • Scan the variables of games
  • Allow for manipulation of games
  • Provides debugger, assembler, disassembler tools
  • Provide direct 3D manipulation tools
  • Include system inspection tools
  • Include speedhack, trainer maker
  • Change the competitive position of game (make harder or simpler)

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows xp
Cheat Engine
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