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Advanced IP Scanner

4.1 stars

Liscence: Freeware
Author: Famatech

Network scanner and management tools to access HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RDP and shared folders.

Advanced IP Scanner is simple, fast and easy to use software to scan LAN and manage the connected resources with-in the network. It enables you in gathering various sorts of information regarding local network computers in a pass of minute.

Advanced IP scanner is basically a network scanner to find all the computers connected on the network. It too includes various useful network management tools to manage the resources on network beside the task of finding and scanning computers. It is simple and easy program where you don’t need to specify the IP address to scan or masks. Advanced IP Scanner immediately checks the system by the simple click of scan bottom.

With the use of Advanced IP Scanner, it not only quickly finds and scans the entire computer on your network but also give the user access to various resources such as shared files and folders, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. You can scan all the IP address on your local network with this freeware program.


  • Easy and friendly software
  • Provide quick scan of network
  • Provides access to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RDP and shared folders
  • Allow you in shutting down PC remotely
  • Support wake-up functionality
  • Scan and find any network device including wireless devices and routers
  • One click Connect to PCs running Radmin Server
  • Provide easy network management with favorites list

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Advanced IP Scanner
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